Bikefit Pro

Bikefit Pro (2 days)

Finding the best bike setup for the individual rider (NBFA Level 1)


The aim of this course is to teach cycling professionals such as coaches, bike fitters, physiotherapists etc. a good working knowledge of how to assess an individual cyclists for the best possible setup of his or her bike. This course is an introductory course, invaluable for those wishing to work professionally with cyclists to improve their cycling performance and prevent discomfort or injuries. Taking this NBFA Level 1 course qualifies the participant for our Level 2 courses, Body Position and Foot Correction & Saddle Selection, and hence is a first stepping stone in the participant’s training to becoming a fully qualified bike fitter at the highest international level.


Course participants will learn the steps involved in a bike fit and the latest, most modern bike fitting techniques and methods. This entails techniques regarding four key steps: saddle position, handle bar position, knee-over-pedal-spindle analysis (K.O.P.S. or knee-pedal analysis) and foot correction (including the importance of arch support analysis). Both arch support analysis and foot correction analysis are often not included in introductory bike fitting courses, however, at Nordic Bike Fitting Academy we have decided to include these analyses as the overriding course goal is to equip participants with all the techniques required to perform a modern, professional bike fit.

Focus and outcomes:

As a NBFA Level 1 course, the course is for participants with no or limited prior knowledge of bike fitting. The course is designed to give participants a solid understanding of the steps involved in a bike fit and the techniques and methods associated with each step. Although participants are taught the background and theory behind various bike fitting techniques, the emphasis is on the practical application of these techniques to ensure that all participants reach a point where they are fully capable of performing a bike fit on their own.  

Topics covered:  

Rider interview – obtaining information needed for the fitting process

Saddle position analysis

Handle bar reach, drop selection and brake levers placement – functional implications

Knee analysis – front analysis of knee position

Knee placement over the pedal axle – K.O.P.S analysis

Axle positioning from 1st to 5th met head

Foot correction comprising arch support, wedges and pedal spacer

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