Foot Activation & Saddle Selection (2.5 Days)

Finding individually optimum Shoe setup and Saddle selection (NBFA Level 2; IFBI 100 Credits)


To provide cycling professionals such as coaches, bike fitters, physiotherapists etc. with a good practical working knowledge of how to assess an individual cyclists for thier optimal foot correction (Arch support and wedging) and pelvis/saddle interaction. This course is invaluable for those wishing to work with cyclists to improve their cycling. Many coaches/physios etc are well versed in techniques for improving a cyclists function to cope with cycling stress. This course reveals the worlds best understanding, techniques and methods for optimising individual cyclists for the best power, endurance, efficiency, sustainability and injury prevention in regards to shoe/foot setup and pelvis/saddle choices.


All cycling shoes come without adequate correction to resolve normal cycling issues. This leaves a cyclist sub optimised, no matter how well fitting the shoe. Running shoes are offered with multiple options for biomechanical correction. Cycling shoes are not. This means that the bicycle fitter must find further methods for optimising this connection by modifying the connection with the foot inside the shoe.

Current popular foot correction methods are incomplete and therefore get inconsistent results that lead to foot discomfort and the rejection of wedges. This course proposes an improved method with gives much higher consistency and quality of result with the cyclist enjoying better stability, comfort and power. It is a significant evolutionary step in the understanding of arch support and wedging and pelvic interaction.

Common saddle fitting methods rely on crude bone width measurements to select saddles. The Sit Bones however are not in contact with the saddle for most sporting cyclists. We must consider this contact point with more care if we are to get the best gains in posture, stability and comfort/sustainability.

Focus and outcomes

This course is designed to substantially increase knowledge, critical thought process, skills and methods in the practical application of bike fitting for individual cyclists.

The course is most appropriate for those who have already completed foot correction/wedging courses and already have substantial experience with these methods.

This course affords the time to get individuals to a point where they can confidently apply the world’s leading bicycle fitting techniques for selecting appropriate shoes and saddle and creating optimum in the shoe contact.

Topics Covered

Shoe function – selecting the most appropriate size and shape

Proprioceptive prioritisation of the foot

Effects of lumbar spine flexion – favouritism and asymmetry

Primary function of arch support

Methods for selecting the optimum arch height

Benefits and limitations of different systems for creating arch support

Wedging – Fore/Cleat/Heel the effects in each location

Methods of selecting individual optimisation of wedging

An advanced method for when and how to select the appropriate leg length shim.

Pelvic/Genital anatomy and saddle contact

Common gender differences in pelvic shape

Impact of anterior/posterior pelvic rotation on contact area

Sitting position – the limitation when pedalling

MTB, Road, Tri solutions – Why the difference?

Saddle shape and contact implications

Genital contact – common health complaints and implication

Genital contact – postural implications

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